Messaging platform

» Messaging platform

In response to the needs of operators, Smart Technology provides integrated messaging solution that allows you to manage and monitor multiple services for the entire messaging infrastructure operator.

Integrated messaging solution allows the operator:

  • Creating new campaigns through various channels.
  • The launch of the service and the implementation of improved operational efficiencies from a common interface
  • Control, visibility and reporting

SMS Platform

SMS platform Smart Technology helps increase the capacity of the existing network optimally distributing the network load and traffic flow or introducing elements of control messages which can release the traffic.

SMS platform includes :

  • SMSC: Enables efficient delivery of messages A2P and P2P.
  • AppSMSC: Supports seamlessly traffic based on applications of mass to apply less P2P messaging capabilities, the cost is high.
  • SMS Router: Provides efficient transmission volumes increasingly important SMS, without requiring significant network investments.
  • Rich SMS Suite: Provides a unique set of features to improve the use of SMS to better meet the user…
  • SMS Firewall: Provides immediate response to new threats with engine filters and screens innovative rules-based management.


The MMSC solutions and Smart Technology AppMMSC allow rapid evolution launches multimedia services and facilitate the development of products related to multimedia messaging.

  • MMSC: The platform MMSC Smart Technology allows you to increase your ability to manage and cost-effectively.
  • AppMMSC: The Smart Technology AppMMSC system is a modular platform services, scalable and standardized which allows effective management of associated applications to push traffic.

USSD Suite

Following USSD OF smart Technology enables operators to:

  • Optimize service offerings operators
  •  Create better visibility and improve the experience of the end user. 
  •  Interact with the subscriber base while allowing the creation and launch of new services in a few minutes.
  •  d’offrir aux utilisateurs une interactivité et plus de convivialité  .

Following USSD Smart Technology is composed of USSD Gateway, USSD USSD FLARES and AppBazaar


Plateform Messaging SDP

  • Smart Technology solution allows operators to manage services based on push technology on multiple interfaces and multiple forms of content from different providers.
  • MSDP integrates SMS, WAP and MMS, as well as content from ringtones, images, video games, while managing the needs of P2P and A2P messaging.
  •  Additional modules platform, including modules billing, OAM and statistics to improve control while providing better overall management of the delivery of content and campaigns.