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Smart Technology introduces you to methodological tailored offers that fit your problems.

Smart Technology focuses on the design, failures, configuration and management of the performence of the network to meet the challenges of QoS / QoE and VAS.


Thanks to the expertise of its teams, its methodology, its diagnosis and its treatment proactive, Smart Technology offers optimal network availability by managing failures. /p>

Our solutions include:

  • Incident detection
  • The Real-Time Monitoring
  • The field maintenance
  • Analysis of the impact of incidents (support level 1 and 2).

We work on all types of networks, domains, access network, core network, transmission and infrastructure and data. Our modular solutions cover the windows days and nights.

Quality of service (QoS): Analysis and Recommendations

Thanks to the expertise of our team in the diagnosis, treatment and analysis of data, our field tests, our mastery of different tools and solutions that exist on the market (sensors, etc. .. DPI), we you offer QoS solution that covers all aspects of QoS and QoE E2E.

Management and administration of Telecom network

Faced with the ongoing evolution of the network, Smart Technology accompanies you from the identification of the modification, verification of required pre techniques, making the change to the configuration of all elements of the affected network and control.

Our solutions enable the updating of various databases and workflow tools.

Smart Technology solutions ensure continued performance of networks, services and features through amendments, updates and parameters.