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Antennes Radios ,Micro-Cellules

Smart Technology offers a diverse antenna radios tailored to your needs range.

Smart Technology also offers the installation of micro-cells of economic energy transmission and the advantages are:

  • Simple installation and low cost with an automatic and efficient use of the frequency
  • Easy layout backup via any Internet connection
  • Integration with existing macro networks

Smart Technology identifies the best locations micos cells and offers deployment scenarios utlilsant PM, CM and trace (and other sources available) to identify hotspots of network trafficu


A reception problem inside your premises (offices, parking lots, houses …)? our products are there for you, we offer a wide range of repeaters and antennas that enhance your GSM/3G reception whatever your telephone company.

VHF UHF  équipements

Smart Technology  vous offre une gamme diversifiée de radio  et  une ligne importante de nouveaux produits. Notre plus petite radio encore, à peine 4 pouces!