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Mobile marketing tools are numerous and offer real opportunities for advertisers seeking innovation and efficiency. To help you make the most of these opportunities and to integrate mobile into your marketing strategy as effectively as possible, Smart Technology offers a range of choices of mobile marketing tools.

SMS Campaigns

Smart Technology offers deploy SMS campaigns towards your willing customers (opt-in). These messages can be SMS and WAP Push

Services SMS+

SMS+ are SMS services that allow you to offer your customers content by SMS via a short 5 digit number. The price of the service is free


Smart Technology offers the design and implementation contests, quizzes and SMS voting with live TV shows or radio

Smart Fidelity

Smart Survey is a customized and efficient web platform which allows you to send personalized SMS to your customers

Sms Campaigns

Smart Technology offers deploy direct marketing campaigns in “push” mode towards consenting clients (opt-in). These messages can be SMS and WAP Push.

Games, Quizzes by SMS

Whether quizzes type draw, quiz or content service by SMS, Smart technology offers design and commissioning via short numbers contests, quizzes via SMS voting and SMS service and puts you a short code SMS premimun exclusive or shared connected with local operators (TT, Orange and Tunisiana).

SMS+ Services

SMS + are multi-services operators that allow you to offer your customers content by SMS on short number with 5 digits.

The price of the service is free, a wide range of tariff levels is offered. Such content and services are overtaxed: the customer is taxed on the invoice mobile operator.

Service Al Afasy


Subscribe to the Al Afasy service by sending  “A” by SMS to 85001  et recevez tous les jours dou3a avec la voix d’Al Afasy   

Cost of service registration: 0.450 DT. Cost of service: 0.150 DT / day. Coût du service : 0.150 DT / jour

Jeux Concours Cooljina

Participate and try to Earn:

A kitchen with Delta Cuisine

Respond quickly to the question by sending your answer by SMS to 85801

Who won the “saison1” contest?

C1 : Dhaker Bjaoui
C2 : teyssir Ksouri

Cost of SMS: 0.960 DT.