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The price of the service is free, a wide range of tariff levels is available.

Such content and services are overtaxed: the customer is taxed on the invoice mobile operator.

SMS + services act

(“SMS + classic”) for timely and immediate interaction with the client: Push pull: the client sends a request to receive SMS content, it is subject to the act


  • Download content: mobile personalization (pictures, ringtones), games, videos, music
  • Media Interactivity: votes, dedications, quizzes and games
  • Interactivity with a brand: request product information, participation in an event
  • Payment of content on the Internet (SMS Receive a code of web access).

The ability to offer paid services:

  • to act : Push pull: the client sends a request by SMS to receive content, it is subject to the act: Downloading content: images, ringtones, games, videos, music, bank account info,
  • Subscription to : The client sends an SMS to subscribe to a service and receives alerts or content or services via SMS to fixed promotional products periods: Service horoscope, weather, news alerts, football alerts, announces jobs

Al Afasy :

logo-tunisie-telecomSubscribe to the Al Afasy service by sending “A” by SMS to 85001 and receive daily dou3a with Al Afasy voice

Cost of service registration: 0.450 DT.

Cost of service: 0.150 DT / day