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Smart survey surveys via mobile

Smart Technology introduces you to a customer satisfaction survey via sms

How does it work?

Smart Survey solution allows you to send personalized text SMS messages to all your partners to request them to participate in a survey.

If they have a Smartphone, they can respond to the seeking by following a link or download the mobile application Mobile Smart and if does not have a smartphone, they can answer via SMS.

What are the benefits?

Easy to design

Simple, practical: Once your script survey defined a minute just to launch your surveys and track responses in real time.

Reactive: allows you to identify instantaneous dissatisfied customers

Interactive: You can create a direct relationship and particularly open with your customers..

Economical and effective: A mobile user has his phone on him 14 hours a day and 98% of text messages are read

non-intrusive, friendly: The client responds when he wants, if he wants