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Meet the needs of telecom operators to launch services based on the localization of the target, Smart Technology offers the rental Based Services platform with advanced features.

The platefome LBSA allows the mobile service provider to introduce a set of location-based services such as Finder friends, social networking, navigation services, POI Finder, Yellow Pages, etc. Geo Fencing. Support for both static and dynamic GIS maps online maps GIS adds a rich user experience by providing the most recent map.


Cell Broadcast is a mobile technology that allows the simultaneous diffusion of Flash SMS messages to multiple users in a specified geographical area. The CBC is a powerful means of communication, economic and non-intrusive, in fact it achieves real-time a large number of service subscribers located in a defined geographic area, without generating load on the network.

Smart Technology CBC solution allows the operator Telecom to have complete control over the message cell broadcast on its network. It is a platform that provides carrier-class interface with mobile network elements such as BSC, RNC, MSC standard interfaces (3GPP or 3GPP2). The platform can evolve’s 2000 GST GST. With the integrated GIS server, CBC allows system users to easily define a geographical area.