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 Over the top TV

Smart TV Solutions Technology IP / OTT offers telecom operators and service providers to launch the possilité video high quality services on all mobile devices: mobile phones, tablets, PCs and Internet enabled TVs.

Solutions include all necessary components for quick and cost-effective launch of the multi-format IP / OTT TV while integrating advertising

  • Multiscreen TV: allows video playback on all screens: mobile, PC, and traditional television.
  • Mobile TV
  • Channel Store


Smart Technology gives you the RBT (Ring Back Tone) solution whose main features are:

  • Effective Content Management
  •  Configuring custom content. by the user, time, date
  • Company  RBT (BizRing)
  • Advertising RBT (AdRing)
  • Supports various marketing tools (campaign, coupon etc)
  • Reports and Analytics provides integrated monitoring services
  • Integration and fast service
  • Provides APIs for different channels of the user, such as Web and SMS, etc.
  • Multi-language supported